English – Language n.1 in the world

English  is nowadays all around us, even if we are not always aware.

English has become the communication language in these areas, that affect us every day:book post 1

– When we are using a computer (Science and Technology)
– When we order a Coke in the bar (International Trade)
– When a member of our favorite football team is a player from another country (Sport)
– When we are listening to foreign bands (Music)
– When we get the pills to help us to get healthy again (Medicine)

English also influences the Slovak language. We took a lot of words from English. We have formed Slovak version of many of them – víkend-weekend, hokej-hockey, džús-juice, míting-meeting, etc.. For other words we use the original English form – eg. online, cool, song, okay, notebook.

Based on these influences English is considered nowadays as a global language, which more and more people can speak every year. So improving your English can´t hurt. I can help you with that.


Justin :)