My courses are not divided by age, number of students or types of English. Lessons that I offer, are tailor-made according to your wishes. My believe is, that each student requires an individual approach to learning. This means that you can choose what you’d like to learn and accordingly to that I will prepare a course just for you.

It is also not a problem to change a course, after starting your lessons.

Since I’m from the USA and can not speak the Slovak language, the lessons will be conducted in English only. You will learn faster and better understand the American accent, you can improve your English pronunciation and learn to use the words of spoken English.

I can teach anyone from beginner to advanced. Don´t worry about your level of English.

Would you like:

– to learn business English,
– to improve your vocabulary for various (of your choice) topics
– to prepare for the high school exam or certificate
– to learn English by yourself
– to watch the English movies without subtitles
– to learn, how to use English grammar
– your employees to be more confident using English
– to start with English from scratch
– …

If you have any requests or questions, let me know.


The teaching hours will be discussed. It is up to you whether you choose to learn in the morning, afternoon or evening.